Holiday Update

First of all, we of Project Lumo, hope you have had a nice Christmas and wish you a happy new year!

Since our last update we have made quite some progress. Unfortunately due to the holidays the website was not updated for a while.

On Friday the 21th of December we were able to construct the first loop. Within the loop we had four modules working. Each could be activated by touch and lights were dispersed when spoken.

Update Technologic Department

Lumo is developing rapidly, not only material and structural wise but also on the field of programming and electronics. We built the first technologic prototype to be integrated within one of the modules of Lumo. In each module there will be an arduino to which a capacitive touch sensor, a small microphone and a led strip are connected. Totallux was so kind to provide us with a digital Led strip. We hacked this strip with arduino to be able to send “light bullets”. In the short video beneath you can see these light bullets shoot out when the microphone perceives sound and the touch sensor is touched simultaneously.


Geometry Progress

At the moment we have produced several different prototypes of the module and did a first few tests with constructing the helix-shaped geometry.

The modules are made of plywood using a CNC milling machine:

First working prototype

One of our fist working prototypes of the “Lumosaurus”.

Our installation will probably excist of 24 of these modules all linked together in a helix-like shape. lights can be triggered through touch and sound. As a result, light bullets will bulk up at the tails of the helix.

Special thanks to: Totallux for providing the digital RGB Led’s.


Welcome on the website of Project Lumo.

Starting 1 September, we, a group of 10 students from the TU Delft, started a project to design an interactive installation for the children of Nationaal Kinderoncologisch Centrum, a new oncological children’s hospital that will be build starting in januari 2013.

We are designing a hang-out spot for in the hospital where children from the age of 12-14 years old can get together, meet other children and hang-out with their friends from back home. Our goal is to get the children together and stimulate their social skills and development.

On this website we will post frequently updates and photos of the progress of the project.

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